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How to Use the Ivy Clipper
How to Use the Ivy Clipper

Save time sourcing products — simply clip them from your favorite sites

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The Ivy Clipper is your product sourcing solution. Instantly save products from any site into your Ivy Product Library. You can even save a product directly into a Room Board. It’s so easy to use, you won’t believe you ever worked without it. 

Here’s How the Clipper Works

Open the Clipper

Once you’ve downloaded the Ivy Clipper tool, it’s ready to use on any website. Click the Ivy leaf on a product image to start using the Clipper. If the leaf does not appear on the desired image, you can click the Ivy leaf on your toolbar.

Add product images

Click the Ivy leaf on up to 5 images to add them to your product. Alternately, you can click the plus symbol on the Clipper to upload images from your computer.

Try clipping a few images for every product. When you send products to a client for review, having multiple images can help express your vision. The images you clip will be used throughout your project — in tear sheets, Room Boards, and proposals.  

While the Clipper allows you to clip smaller images and thumbnails, we recommend only clipping larger images to preserve image quality and avoid presenting clients with pixelated or blurry images. The image should not be smaller than 70px.

Left image: Product image that is the correct size to clip

Right image: Product image that is low quality and not recommended to clip

Add product details

To add product details you can either highlight the desired text or use the hand tool.

Highlight the text

To add product details, highlight the desired text and select a category from the dropdown menu.

Example: Highlight “Lucia Chandelier” then select, “Product Title.”

The dropdown categories include:

  • Product title

  • Cost

  • Client Description

  • Manufacturer

  • SKU

  • Dimensions

  • Vendor Description

  • Finish/Color

  • Materials

  • MSRP

  • Internal Notes

Use the hand tool

You can also add product details by enabling the hand tool. Click the hand icon to enable it and grab all of the info you need. Click the hand icon again to disable it when you’re done.

Calculate costs

Add the “Unit Cost” by highlighting the price on the site as described above or manually entering the cost into the field. 

Add your markup percentage then select the calculator to automatically calculate the client price. The “Client Price” is the price your client will ultimately see. Ivy’s default setting does not allow clients to see your markup. If you’d like to show a client your markup, you can choose to do so from within a project’s settings or a document’s settings.

Alternately, you can enter the “Unit Cost” and “Client Price” and then select the calculator. In this case, the Clipper will calculate the markup percentage for you.

Once the costs are set, you’ll be able to see your profit.

For designers in the US

You can also add the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) to calculate the client’s savings.

For designers in the UK

The “Unit Cost” and “Client Price” will either include VAT or exclude it, depending on your account settings. You can check or uncheck “VAT-Inclusive” to alter these settings.

Once the costs are set, you’ll be able to see your profit. Your profit is always calculated based on the cost and markup, excluding VAT.

For designers in Australia

The “Unit Cost” and “Client Price” will either include GST or exclude it, depending on your account settings. You can check or uncheck “GST-Inclusive” to alter these settings.

Once the costs are set, you’ll be able to see your profit. Your profit is always calculated based on the cost and markup, excluding GST.

Select a vendor

Choose a vendor from the dropdown. If the vendor is not an existing option, simply click “Create new vendor.” Fill in the vendor information and save. 

Assign your product to a Room Board

Sourcing for a specific room? Select the project and then the Room Board of your choice. The product will be added to your Ivy account twice — once in your Product Library and once under the specific Room Board you selected.

Not sure yet which room the item is for? No problem. You can add a product to a project without choosing a Room Board. 

Please note: Any changes made to the item once saved in Ivy will not be replicated in both locations. So, if you make changes to the item in the Product Library, those changes will not take effect on the Product in the project or Room Board and vice versa. 

Edit product details

Want to make changes to product details? Simply highlight the desired text and assign it to the proper category. It will replace the previous text. If you’d like to add your own text, you can type something in yourself.

Want to start from scratch? At the top of the Clipper you’ll find a “Clear All” option. 

Save your product

Click “Save” to instantly add the product to your Ivy Product Library. If you selected a specific project or Room Board, your product will be saved there as well.

Once you’ve successfully saved your product, you can choose to continue sourcing items or select “See It on Ivy” to navigate directly to the product in your Ivy account.

What's Smart Sourcing?

With a touch of Ivy magic, the Clipper works with some of your favorite sites to save you even more time. How is it possible? Smart Sourcing automatically fills out the product details when you clip. 

Smart Sourcing currently works with the following sites:

  • Wayfair

  • Build

  • West Elm

  • Houzz

  • CB2

How to disable Smart Sourcing

If you don’t want Ivy to pre-fill the product details for you, simply disable Smart Sourcing. Click your profile image at the top of the Clipper and select “Disable Smart Sourcing.” 

You can enable Smart Sourcing again at any time by clicking your profile image and selecting “Enable Smart Sourcing.”

Want an additional site to use Smart Sourcing? 

If you love how much time Smart Sourcing saves you and want it to work with an additional site, simply send us a request. Select your account image at the top of the Clipper and choose “Give Us Feedback.” Under the “Topic” section, select “Request site for Smart Sourcing” then type in the site URL in the “Description” section.  

So, what do you think of the Clipper?

We always want to hear from you. Have feedback or just want to tell us how much you love the Clipper? Tell us about it.

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