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How to Create Room Boards on Ivy
How to Create Room Boards on Ivy

Organize, visualize, & bring your ideas to life

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Ivy’s Room Boards provides you with a seamless way to ideate, create spaces, and communicate your vision. View products, categorize them by rooms, share with clients for approval, and easily turn visual presentations into proposals and invoices. 

Here’s how:

To access Room Boards you’ll need to create or click on an existing project.
On the right-hand side of the “Overview” tab you’ll see the “Room Boards” tab. Click on it.
To create a Room Board press the “Add New Room” button.

A side menu will open. This is where you will enter the room details. You can upload a cover image, room title, budget, and description. 

Once you create a room board you’ll be able to add products, services, and attachments. You can drag and drop the items and re-arrange them in the order you would like your client to see.

To add new products or services, click on “Add Items”, and then select the products/services you wish to add from the drop-down menu. Images or other inspirations will also be placed under your products and services. 

Your room, your control

Now that you added products/services to your room there are several things you can do: 

  • You can choose to show or hide products from the client. 

  • When you add a product or service to a room the item will always be viewable to the client (once you share it) unless you choose to hide it. 

  • When you add an attachment to a room the attachment will always be hidden to the client unless you choose to show it.

  • Each product/service you add will have three dots. You can hide a specific product/service by clicking on them and selecting “Hide from Client”. You will know the product/service is hidden once there is an eye icon on the image. If at anytime you would like to undo this and show this product/service on the client dashboard click on the eye icon or click on the three dots and select “Unhide from Client”. 

  • You can delete a product/service by clicking on the three dots and selecting “Delete”. Please note, you can only delete an item that is on a draft. 

  • You can click on the product/service itself to view its details and edit it should you wish to do so.

  • You can view and click on any connected documents related to this product/service.

  • You can filter by products, services, or both or filter by status (All, Approved, Declined, Pending, In Process).

  • You can edit the room details, or delete the entire room details if you choose to do so.

Room sharing, client collaboration, document creation, tear sheets, and more

Sending a room board to a client

To send your room board to a client click on the “Send to Client” button. Here you will be able to preview the room board as well as customize the subject line and message. You will also be able to set the client permissions. 

Collaborating with clients

Start discussions with your clients on specific items. Once you hover over an item (product/service/attachment) a message icon will appear on the right hand side. A chat box will open allowing you to start a discussion and add comments. 

Clients will see comments on their dashboard, and you will see them next to the icon as well. When you add a comment on a product, your client will get an email notification. You’ll also receive an email notification once your client responds. If an item is hidden you will not be able to comment on it. 

How to edit permissions 

You can set and edit the client permissions by clicking on the “...More” button and clicking on “Edit Client Permissions”. A popup will appear showcasing the different permissions you can give your clients. You can choose to show the pricing, quantities, and enable their ability to approve or decline products/services. Meaning, you don’t have to show them specific prices or quantities unless you want to. 

Publishing a room board

If you publish a room board it will appear on the client’s dashboard and your client will be able to enter the room via the dashboard. You can also un-publish the room from the dashboard if you choose to do so. 

Converting a document

To convert a document click the “...More” button and click on the “Convert to Document”. You’ll be able to choose the products/services added to the room board and easily convert the room board to either a proposal or invoice.

Mark the type of document you would like to create (proposal or invoice)

Make sure to mark the products/services you would like to include. You can select all the products/services or mark each individual product/service. After you’ve made your selection click on the “Save” button. You can always select items from additional room boards. 

You can only convert items that are approved or pending.

Please note, you will not be able to change the approved/declined status of items that are already connected to a document (proposal/invoice).

Creating tear sheets

To create a tear sheet click on the “...More” button and press the “View Tear Sheet”. Here you can decide if to show the prices of the items on the tear sheet or not. Select your products/services and click on the “Create” button. 

Converting to PDF

Download your Room Board as a PDF by selecting “...More,” then “Download as PDF.” Choose whether or not to show pricing and quantities on your PDF before clicking “Create” to get your PDF.

Editing room details 

To edit the room details click on the “...More” button. The right side menu will reappear and allow you to make changes and save them. 

If you're interested in joining the Room Boards beta group please contact your account manager.

Room Boards Q&A

Can I re-arrange items?

Yes! You can drag the items and re-arrange them in whichever order you choose. 

What about the items from my proposals? Will they appear on the Room Board?

If you tagged the product to a specific room you should see all the items from your proposal on that Room Board. If you are missing products you can go into your existing documents (proposals/invoice), and add a Room Board tag for that specific product. 

You can also do this from the Project Tracker by using the 360 view.

Where can I add a cover image to my room?

There are two ways to add a cover image to your room. 

The first is by selecting your room, clicking on the three dots, and editing the room details. 

The second is by going into the Room Board itself, clicking on "...More. and clicking on "Edit Room Details.

Why can't I edit/change an items status within a room?

You can not edit/change your items status once it is no longer a draft. If it is already on a document (proposal/invoice/PO) you will not be able to change it. 

Will the client see the Room Board once a proposal is sent? Or do I need to send the Room Board separately?

You will need to send the Room Board separately as it serves a different purpose than the proposal. We recommend starting with Room Boards as they are designed to streamline the product selection process by allowing your clients to approve or decline products or start discussions on specific items. You can later turn the Room Board into a proposal should you choose to do so. 

If you already shared the client dashboard with the client you can simply publish your Room Board without the need to send it to your client. and it will appear there along with the proposals you send. 

Can I remove the pricing under the items?

You can choose whether or not you want your client to see the price of the product. Simply go into the room, click the "...More" button and click on "Edit Client Permissions". Check off the "See item pricing" to make sure the pricing is hidden. 

Where can I see the status of my budget?

When you create a room board you can define your budget. Once you or your client approve or decline certain items in the room your budget will change accordingly. 

What is the best way to use Room Boards?

We recommend using Room Boards before you create proposal or invoice. By using room boards first you can now provide clients with a better understanding of how all products will work together in a space. 

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