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Meet the New and Improved Ivy Clipper
Meet the New and Improved Ivy Clipper
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We released the original Ivy Clipper to help simplify your workflow. The Clipper saves you time on product sourcing and streamlines otherwise complicated tasks. Since its release, we’ve learned something really important about the Clipper — it rocks!

96% of Ivy designers save countless hours by sourcing products online using the Ivy Clipper.

You use it, you love it, and you’ve suggested important ways that we can improve it to make your work even more effortless. Here at Ivy, your priorities are our priorities — so we released a new and improved Ivy Clipper that we’re sure you’ll love.

Here’s What’s New

Smart Sourcing

The Ivy Clipper works smoothly with some of your favorite sites so that all you have to do is click the Ivy leaf — and presto — we autofill the Clipper with all the product’s details. The Smart Sourcing capability currently works with Wayfair, Build, West Elm, Houzz and CB2. 

Quickly clip product details

Wave goodbye to the pointer 👆🏼and say hello to even faster clipping. Simply highlight the desired text and choose a category from the dropdown.

Clip to a Room Board

Sourcing for a specific room? Well now you can save products to a Room Board. You can even create a new Room Board directly from the clipper.

Add new product categories

With the new Clipper your options are limitless. If your item doesn’t quite fit one of the existing category types, you can create a new category type right from the Clipper. 

View your profit 💰

The Clipper still lets you add your markup and calculates the client price for you. So what’s new? Now you’ll also see your profit. Want more? Add the MSRP to see your client’s savings too!

Give feedback at your convenience

No need to stop what you’re doing. Give us your feedback directly from the Clipper. Select your profile image at the top of the Clipper and choose “Give Us Feedback.”

New Clipper, new look

The old Clipper looked good — but hey — who doesn’t love a makeover? 💙

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