How to Attach your Documents

Attach documents, contracts, images and more to documents and projects!

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You can use this feature for contracts, floor plans, moodboards, etc. and you are able to upload assets within projects in 2 ways:  

  1. Attach directly to a document (invoice or proposal). You will see the "Attachments" box on the right hand side (underneath the payment section) on the IN or PR. *Note that once this document has been sent ("published"), your client will have access to view these attachments  

  2. Add an attachment generally to a project. Within a project, you'll see the "Attachments" tab. If you click into this tab, you are able to add attachments just to the project (versus to a specific document) - these attachments will not be viewable by your client. This tab also shows you a list view of all the attachments associated with documents within the project, indicating which document each attachment is attached to, as well as if published or not (aka - if it is viewable by your client).  

  3.  Add attachments from proposals to invoices. If you have attachments on a proposal, you'll get a pop-up option to move the attachment to the invoice.

Watch this tutorial to see how to use this feature.

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