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Tips & Tricks for E-Design on Ivy
Tips & Tricks for E-Design on Ivy

Looking to utilize Ivy for E-design? Learn about some best practices.

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Learn a few of our favorite tips and tricks to utilize Ivy for E-design, including:

  • Product sourcing on the Ivy clipper (how to add a link that will be visible and clickable for your client) 

  • How to utilize Room boards, tear sheets and the FF&E schedule for your client's shopping list. 

  • How to create an invoice for your E-Design services

Not mentioned in the video but highly recommended, is the ability to add an attachment to a room board, such as a floor plan, mood board, or space plan. By default, attachments are hidden upon addition to the room board, but you can choose to make it visible to your client so they can see everything in one place.

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