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How to Show Financial Totals on the Client Dashboard
How to Show Financial Totals on the Client Dashboard
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We know how important transparency is for maintaining a healthy relationship with your clients. That’s why we’ve added financial totals to the Client Dashboard.

When you share the Client Dashboard, you can choose to show your client project totals. 

Choose whether or not to show your clients the following financial details: 

  • Total outstanding: sum of all outstanding documents (the open balance)

  • Total paid: sum of all payments made in this project

  • Total retainer balance: sum of remaining retainer for this project

  • Total available credit: sum of remaining credit for this project

Check the boxes for the details you want to share with your client. The preview window will update so you can see what your client will see before sending access to the dashboard. 

Make sure to click Send after making your selections, otherwise your changes will not take effect.

Once you’ve clicked Send, your client will receive access to the dashboard via email. They will see the totals you have chosen to show them.

Have more questions about the Client Dashboard? Reach out to us at

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