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What’s New - June 16, 2019
What’s New - June 16, 2019
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Summer is here and with it some wonderful new improvements and additions to Ivy. Check out everything that’s new this June.

Download your Room Board to PDF

Now just like a retainer, and a proposal you'll be able to download your Room Board to a PDF to print or share with clients.

Define your purchase order statuses

You can now enter an order status on your purchase orders. Now, in addition to defining the purchase order status on the document level (Open, Sent, Paid, Merged, etc) you’ll be able to define the order status for your products. When viewing your purchase order you will see a drop-down menu on the right-hand side under “ORDER STATUS”. 

You can click on the drop-down menu and choose from the following statuses:

  • No status

  • Waiting for quote

  • Ordered

  • Back ordered

  • Workroom

  • En route

  • Delivery receivers

  • Delivered

  • Installed

You can also see all purchase order statuses under “Purchase Orders” in your project.

View all purchase orders for a specific vendor

You can now see all purchase orders associated with a specific vendor. Now when you go into “Vendors” and click on a specific vendor you will see two tabs. The first tab is used to edit the vendor information (same as always) while the second tab, the “Purchase Orders” tab allows you to see all purchase orders related to that vendor. 

Get insight into your payment timeline

We added a tooltip on a payment item under credits that shows all the documents that apply to that payment. By clicking on the tooltip under “Remaining Credit” you will be able to see which document that payment was applied to, as well as the remaining amount of that payment. 

Add custom fields to your FFE

You can add custom fields to your FFE schedule by adding the custom fields in their account settings. These custom fields settings will appear under the “Other Details” section on the FFE. In addition, we added the ability to select "Purchase Order" under the “Details/Info” section.

For questions about these new additions please contact 

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