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Deep Dive into Room Boards (WEBINAR)
Deep Dive into Room Boards (WEBINAR)

Learn everything you want to know about Room Boards on Ivy!

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Tune in to understand how to utilize Ivy's latest feature, Room Boards, from start to finish! Key chapters of the webinar with time stamps are outlined below:

  • How to set up your Room Board on Ivy (4:33)

  • How to add products/services on your Room Board (8:14

  • How to edit products, drag and drop, and hide items from clients (10:59)

  • Filter your Room Board view (15:22)

  • Add comments to your products/services for your client to see (16:49)

  • Create tear sheets from Room Boards (19:53)

  • Publish Room Boards to your client dashboard (22:09)

  • Convert Room Board to document (Proposal) (40:46)

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