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Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia here we come!
Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia here we come!

Ivy goes international

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Written by Cameron Jahn
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With thousands of designers successfully using Ivy to manage their businesses in the U.S., we’re determined to transcend borders and make Ivy the business management solution for international design professionals as well. Per popular demand, Ivy has launched in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, expanding our ability to improve the workflow of designers around the world. 

We’re dedicated to bringing the power of Ivy to international waters and our agile team is working diligently to make the necessary local market adjustments so that designers in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia can access all of Ivy’s functionalities. 

As we continue to scale, we promise to work relentlessly to ensure Ivy is the platform and community our users need it to be.

Are you a designer from Canada, The United Kingdom, or Australia? Tell us what you would like to see next in Ivy. You can always contact us at We look forward to reviewing your suggestions and feedback.

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