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What's New - May 14, 2019
What's New - May 14, 2019
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This month we focused on adding new functionalities to Ivy. Check out what May is all about.

Your tear sheets just got even more beautiful!

Tear sheets now include multiple images. Meaning, If you have several images for a product they will be added to your tear sheet automatically. Create a more visual and transparent tear sheet for your client at the tap of a button. 

See what's up with your retainers

You will now be able to see the document timeline for your retainers. Same as your proposals and invoices you'll be able to follow your retainer's journey and understand when it was created, sent, opened by your client, and paid and most importantly, understand which documents your retainers were applied on.

Check out the new receipt for retainers

You can now send a receipt to your client when you apply a payment to a retainer. 

When recording a payment using a retainer you will now be able to send a receipt.

Set your default tax settings for products and services

You now have the power to control the default tax settings in your account.

When a product or service is created - the "Taxable" checkbox will be marked by default. You'll always be able to change it on the specific item (same as today). If you want the product/service to not be taxable by default simply go into your account, click on the sales tax page and “uncheck” it.

* Please note that this will only apply to new products and services you create.

For questions about these new changes please feel free to contact us at

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