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Proposing on Ivy

Everything you can do in the proposals section

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So, you decided you want to take the next big step and propose to your client? Congratulations! We're going to be here by your side to make sure you create professional proposals that will have your clients saying I DO. 

Before we take the plunge (we're in this together) let's go over Ivy's proposals section together. You can find it by selecting a project and clicking on the "Proposals" tab. 

What can you do here?

  • Create new proposals. All you need to do is press the blue button on the top right hand side that says "Create New Proposal". 

  • Check your proposals progress (statuses, due dates, balance, etc.)

  • Understand your overall proposals performance. On the top, you'll be able to see valuable information like the total value of your proposed items, the remaining balance of your proposals, the total amount that was paid, and the total amount that was invoiced. 

  • Send proposals to clients and enable them to approve or decline items.

  • Convert proposals into invoices at the tap of a button, record a payment, publish, edit your proposal, turn it into a PDF or delete it if you choose to. 

We recommend always collecting a deposit on a proposal that way you get paid before you purchase the product from the vendor. You can request a deposit when you create your proposal. 

Now that you know the ins and outs of Ivy's proposals go ahead and create one yourself. Need a hand? 

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