Sourcing Products on Ivy

Clip products from websites, upload manually, or source products on your mobile!

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Easily sourcing products is a big deal, huge! Learn about the different ways you can use Ivy to seamlessly source products. 

1. Download the Ivy clipper

You can save time on your sourcing by downloading the Ivy Clipper. Our Clipper will allow you to source products from your favorite websites in minutes. You'll be able to click on the image, title, cost, description and any other information you want to add to your product and instantly save that product to your library.

The Clipper works best on Google Chrome but is also supported on the Safari browser. 

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Currently, the Clipper is available on Desktop only. Sourcing via the clipper on mobile, tablet, or iPad is not supported at this time. 

For step by step download instructions click here

2. Manually upload products 

You can manually upload any product you choose to your product library.
Simply go into the "Products" section and click on the "Add Product" button.

Make sure to add as much information as possible to your product. Add the vendor, title, category, image (you can add up to 5 images of the product), a description, pricing information and more! 

3. Source products on-the-go!

You can download the Ivy app for both iOS and Android and source products on-the-go! You'll be able to add products to your Ivy library by taking a photo with your camera and adding all of the relevant product information to that product from your phone. You'll also be able to access your product library and view, add, or assign new products to a project.

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