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Add multiple images to every product you upload

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We know that sourcing products for your client is crucial for your project’s success. 

You want to share your vision with your clients early on in the process so that they can understand exactly how the product looks and why you choose it for them, that way they have all the information they need before approving or declining your product.

But what if your product has different variations? Different colors, fabrics, sides?

Now you can multiply your sourcing power by adding multiple images to each of your products and create visual proposals and invoices that can be shared with the client and help seal the deal. 

How can I add multiple images?

You will be able to add multiple images by either manually uploading a product to your product library or by sourcing through the Ivy Clipper. 

If you manually add a product go into the “Products” section and click the “Add Product” button. 

Scroll down to the images section and click on “Drop images here or
Browse to upload” and add your images. 

You can also choose which image will be your cover image. 

How many different images will I be able to upload?

You will be able to upload up to 5 images. 

Which image types are supported?

You can upload the following image files:

  • PNG

  • JPG

  • JPEG

Will I be able to add images to services?

Multiple images can be added for both products and services. 

Can I add more images to an existing product?

Absolutely! You can edit a product in your existing library and add additional images.
For items already on a document use the ‘Update Images’ on the document itself. For example: Go into a proposal, press the "Edit" button and click on "Update images". 

Can I add multiple images on mobile?

Yes! Adding multiple images is available on Ivy’s mobile app as well. 

Use multiple images to make the most out of your proposals and give your clients a holistic view of the products you would like to propose. 

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