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All About Ivy’s Room Measurement Tool on Mobile
All About Ivy’s Room Measurement Tool on Mobile

Create room measurements in real-time

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What does the Room Measurement tool do?

Ivy's built-in room measurement tool captures and stores accurate project dimensions that you can reference when selecting products for the space.

How can I create a room measurement?

To create a floor plan you’ll need to download the Ivy app. 

You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play

Once you’ll open the app you will see a plus sign in the middle of the screen.

Click the plus sign and then click on “Create Floor Plan”

You will then be able to use your phone's camera to capture the rooms measurements. 

Scan the floor of your room by slowly tilting your device.

Tap the target to drop points at the corners of your room.

Continue until you close the shape or tap “next” to add doors/windows. 

Will I be able to save my room measurements?

Of course! You can save your floor plans and turn them into awesome PDFs that way you can keep them for yourself or share with your clients. 

Is the Room Measurement tool available on desktop?

No. You will only be able to use the Room Measurement tool through the Ivy app on your mobile device. 

For more questions about the Room Measurement tool please contact 

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