How to Track your Expenses in Ivy

Add and track your project's expenses

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Your projects may include different types of expenses that are not time-related. What if you had to drive two hours to meet a client and had to pay for gas? Or what about those perfect pillows you saw in a boutique and just had to get for your client's new bedroom? These are all examples of expenses you should be tracking and invoicing.

Follow these steps to add and track expenses in Ivy:

- First, you’ll need to click on the “Time & Expense” page.

- Click the “Add New Entry” button.

- Here you’ll be able to select between Time and Expense. Select the Expense. 

- Choose the designer and type of service. Clicking on the blue plus sign will allow you to create a new expense or choose from your existing list of expenses (you can add your expenses to the “Services” tab under the “Products & Services” page).

- Add the rate, date, and quantity of your expense. 

- If relevant, make sure to check the “Taxable” or “Billable” boxes. 

- You can add a detailed description of the expense.

- You can also add an attachment to the expense entry like a receipt. 

- Click “Save & New” if you would like to save your entry and add another one, or just “Save” if you’ve finished logging in your entry.

Which types of expenses can I track?

You can add and track any expenses that are not defined as time logs. Track fuel, equipment, products, or anything else you would like to bill your client for.

Why should I track my expenses in Ivy?

By using the expense feature you’ll be able to seamlessly organize your expenses in one place, plus sync all of the expenses you invoiced in Quickbooks, and get a holistic view of your business. Most importantly, you’ll finally be able to invoice your clients for those “little things” that end up costing you a whole lot. 

Can I add attachments to my expense?

Yes! When adding attachments to an expense entry it will appear on the specific expense as well as in the "Attachments" section of your project. When adding an expense to an invoice the attachment will also appear on the invoice itself. Please note, if you would like to remove the attachment from the invoice, you will need to remove the item from the invoice, delete the original expense entry, and create a new one without the attachment. 

Can I invoice an expense?

You can absolutely invoice an expense. Simply click on the “Time & Expense” icon, select the expense/s you would like to invoice and click the “Generate Invoice” button. 

Where will I be able to see all of my expense entries?

You can see all of your expense entries under “Time & Expense”. 

Can I create an expenses report?

Yes, to do so go into “Reports” and select “Expenses” under “Select Your Report”. 

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