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How to Leverage Progressive Invoicing in your Projects
How to Leverage Progressive Invoicing in your Projects

Choose the exact products and services you want to invoice at any given minute

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Start getting paid for products and services as soon as you're ready to invoice with Progressive Invoicing. 

 This feature was designed to help you push your projects forward by allowing you to invoice specific products and services from a proposal at any given time.

How do I turn on Progressive Invoicing? 

By default, Progressive Invoicing will be turned off. In order to use the Progressive Invoicing feature the first thing you'll need to do is turn it on.  

  • Go into your Account Settings and look for "Projects Settings". Under "Projects Settings" you'll see an option to turn on Progressive Invoicing. Click it and press the "Save" button. 

How do I use Progressive Invoicing?

  • Once you've enabled Progressive Invoicing go into your Projects and click the Proposals tab.

  • Choose a proposal and click the "Create Invoice" button on the top right.

  • Once you've clicked the "Start Invoice" button you'll be able to choose specific products or services that you would like to invoice.

  • Choose the products or services you would like to invoice and press "Start Invoice".  

What if there is a payment on my proposal? 

If there is a payment on the proposal you can decide how much money you would like to transfer to the invoice. 

Can the amount of money on the invoice exceed the items I transferred? 

No. The amount of money on the invoice cannot be greater than the total value of the items you transferred. 

Can the amount of money on my proposal exceed my balance?

No. The amount of money left on a proposal cannot exceed the balance on your proposal.

Start using Progressive Invoicing today or contact us if you need any help!

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