Merging POs

Merge multiple POs in the same project

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Merge POs

Ivy has the ability to merge multiple purchase orders from the same vendor in the same project. Meaning that if you have several POs that have yet to be paid to a vendor in the same project, you can merge them into one PO and save both you and your vendor time!

How do I merge a PO?

To merge a PO, go into the project → select "Purchase Orders" → click to access a PO → click on the three dot menu next to "Edit" → select "Merge POs". You will now see a list of all POs that can be merged into the PO you are currently in.

Are there any restrictions?

When merging POs, you will only see POs in the list that match the following criteria:

  1. They must be from the SAME vendor

  2. They must be in the SAME project

  3. They CAN'T be paid or partially paid

What happens after a merge?

The PO that you started the merge process from, meaning the PO you clicked "Merge POs" on, will be the PO that all other selected POs are merged into (main PO). That means that all settings you have on the main PO, including PO number, address, tax, etc., will be displayed after the merge process.  

All items under the selected POs will be moved over into the main PO, and the selected POs will be deleted. 

Can I undo a merge?

Ivy does not support an undo of a PO merge, you will need to remove items from the PO and create a new one if you still wish to split them. 

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