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What's New - August 27 2018
What's New - August 27 2018

Here's what's new!

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Our latest feature is the best thing since sliced bread (at least we think so). See how you can leverage Progressive Invoicing in your projects.

Progressive Invoicing 

Progressive Invoicing allows you to choose specific products or services you want to invoice at any given time. 

What does it actually mean?

Let's say you're working on a fabulous new living room for your client but your proposal contains a variety of different products, some of which need to be invoiced right away. You can use Progressive Invoicing to choose specific products from the proposal that you would like to invoice for right away, that way you can get paid faster for the products and services you need to keep your project moving. 

Find out how to enable Progressive Invoicing here

Other Updates

We've updated the Reports feature.
Now when generating a report, you have the ability to set your preferred email address.

This will be further enhanced in the future.

For questions or feedback on these features feel free to contact our support team

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