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What's New - July 16th 2018
What's New - July 16th 2018

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For the past several weeks our tech team has been working hard to streamline your accounting and billing flows! Read below to find out what's new...

PO Improvements

Loads of improvements have been made to POs to help you stay organized.

1. Ability to set the reply to and BCC when sending your POs to vendors: Now when sending your POs you can easily set the BCC and reply to

2. Drag and drop to reorder line items in a PO: Now when you're editing your POs you can easily drag and drop items to reorder them.

3.  Document timeline in POs: You can now view when your PO was created, sent to a vendor, and when the vendor received and viewed your email, all in one convenient place! Just click on the three dots next to "Edit" when you're viewing your PO and click on "View Document Timeline".

4. PO Bill Status: See whether or not your PO has been billed directly in the list of POs in your project.

Invoice/Proposal Enhancements

1. Transparent markup: Opt-in to our new transparent markup feature (per project or per document) to allow your clients to view the markup. This feature is turned OFF by default and there if you need it!

2.  Charge client transaction fees when paying on behalf of client: You can now check off the "Charge client transaction fees" when you're paying on behalf of your client via Ivy!

3. Select your tax per document: Ivy allows you to select which tax rate you're using per document (this includes proposals, invoices, and POs).

4. Automatically move attachments on your proposals to invoices: When converting your proposal to an invoice, you can select whether or not you want to move any proposal attachments to your new invoice.

5. Set the reply to address: When sending your proposals and invoices you can now set the reply to address if your client replies to the email. By default the reply to will be the current user. 

Project level settings

We've added new settings in the add/edit project page that allows you to determine whether or not your clients can pay via credit card/ACH, view the markup percentage, and whether or not you're offsetting the transaction fees to your client. These settings determine the default values for all newly created proposals and invoices, and can always be overridden on the document level. 

Color Changes

We've made Ivy lighter and brighter with our new color changes! The new colors are also visible on your client dashboard and documents!  Say bye bye to the teal green header and hello to beautiful, clean lines!

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