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Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Schedules

Learn how to generate your FF&E schedule in an Ivy project

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Looking to give your receiving warehouse an FFE Schedule to keep track of all your items per project? Or perhaps you're doing a final walkthrough in the house and want to ensure that everything has arrived and properly located.  You can create your FFE Schedule directly in Ivy's project tracker, export it, and either print it or email to whoever you need in just a few mins!

Creating your FFE Schedule

To create your FFE Schedule, go into your project and then click on the "Project Tracker" tab.  Once in the project tracker, you can filter through and/or select the relevant line items you want included in the FFE Schedule.  

For example, you may want approved products that have been PO'd. Simply filter the project tracker grid, sort by the PO field, and select the relevant line items.  

You can also add the project, client, and company name as well as the address, plus add important details like the Manufacturer, SKU, and Purchase order.

Once you've selected your items, click on the three dots to the right of the "edit all selected" button and select the "FFE Schedule (PDF)" option.  

Selecting line items and filtering is optional, you can export the full FFE Schedule by not selecting or filtering.

You can now select the relevant fields that you want to show in your FFE Schedule and click on "download as PDF".

Receiving the PDF via Email

FFE Schedules with a large amount of items may take a few minutes to download. In these cases, you can click on the link to get the schedule emailed to you (an email should arrive 5 mins later).  

Once you view the PDF, you can download and save it, or print it directly from your browser. 

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