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How to use an Alias to Change the Product Title on Proposals & Invoices
How to use an Alias to Change the Product Title on Proposals & Invoices

Preventing your clients from "shopping you"

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If you are worried about giving your client too much information and risking them "shopping you", you can change the title of a product by giving it an alias directly in the line item you've placed that product in on a proposal or invoice.
You would add the product initially to your Ivy account with the real name/title the vendor gives it so that you can maintain accurate records on your end and be able to easily refer to the item with your vendor. When you add the product to a proposal or invoice and it creates a line item, the "Item Title" in the line item is editable. When you change the title here it is not changing the actual name of the product stored in your product library, it is only acting as an alias for what your client sees. You might want to keep your alias pretty generic,simple or vague so as not to reveal too much information. This is only shown to your CLIENT on the proposal or invoice. When you convert to purchase orders, the original product title will be used so that the vendor can identify the product. Your project tracker will show both names for the item so that you can easily keep track.

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