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Viewing Your Total Costs per Document
Viewing Your Total Costs per Document

How to see a breakdown of total costs when building or viewing proposals and invoices

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Want to know if you are going on the right profitability path while building out your proposal or invoice? Ivy shows you a breakdown of your total while you are building or viewing (in manage mode) proposals and invoices. 

The breakdown displays the total cost, total markup value, total shipping, and total shipping markup value of the entire document in one easy click. 

Note: This breakdown is not visible to your clients!

Where can I see this?

While editing Proposals/Invoices: Scroll down to the bottom of the screen where you see the "Total" and click on the "eye" icon. 

While viewing Proposals/Invoices: Click the toggle over to "Manage" mode and look over to the right hand side at the "Total" row under "Payments". Now click on the "eye" icon to see the breakdown.

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