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How to Generate / Create a Purchase Order (PO) from a Proposal or Invoice
How to Generate / Create a Purchase Order (PO) from a Proposal or Invoice
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When you're ready to place orders with your vendors, or if you'd like to simply keep track of an order you've already placed, you will need to create Purchase Orders. The easiest way to do this is to generate your Purchase Orders (POs) directly from the proposal or invoice you've been working on with these items listed on it. Here's how you generate a PO from a proposal or invoice:

After clicking "Create Purchase Order(s)" from the top-right portion of the screen while viewing your proposal or invoice on the screen, you'll be presented with a pop-up window asking you to associate each line item with the relevant vendor. Once you've gone through and set the correct vendor for each item, scroll to the bottom of the pop-up window and click "Continue". Ivy will then create a separate PO per vendor, grouping items from the same vendor on the same PO together.

If you only want to create a PO for a certain number of items on the PO (not all of them), simply change the vendor of the items you're not yet ready to PO to "no vendor selected," the first option in your vendor dropdown list. This will skip the creation of purchase orders for those items for the time being. 

*Please note - you can only convert a proposal/invoice to a PO, and you cannot convert a PO to an invoice. We always recommend starting your project with a proposal or invoice first.

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