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Sync My Existing Ivy Docs to QBO.
Sync My Existing Ivy Docs to QBO.

Is your Ivy account connected to QBO (or planning to), and need to push all of your Ivy data over?

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Great! Follow these easy steps to get your data synced over correctly.
NOTE: This tab is only accessible by the account manager (and any team members your admin has granted these Quickbooks Permissions to).

Not Connected Yet?

  1. Navigate to your Ivy Account Settings page and click on the Quickbooks tab. Read through all the instructions on this page and click the GREEN button at the bottom of your page. 

  2. The pop-up will appear. Connect using the FIRST option. (See image below)

3.  Once you have connected, this Quickbooks tab will look different. This view will allow you to verify account mapping is set up properly. See video below for tips on how to set this up properly. 

(We recommend working with a bookkeeper or accountant if you are unsure of how to do so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......really)

Now your account is eligible to have your existing documents in Ivy sync over to QBO.

4. Email Ivy on Please indicate the following in your email:

Subject: ACTION: Sync Existing Docs on Ivy to QBO
Body: Verify that you have successfully completed steps 1-3 listed on this article above. Please verify you would like ALL existing docs on Ivy synced to QBO.

5. Once Ivy Support receives your request, Ivy will make sure to sync ALL of your current docs to QBO. 


If you want to switch your QB account and want to sync to a brand new one - you should first disconnect your current QBO account, and reconnect as described above. YOU MUST INDICATE THIS IN YOUR EMAIL TO

If you have special request or need only specific data synced to QBO, please reach out to attn: Quickbooks to set up a consultation.

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