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How to Download the Project Tracker to Excel
How to Download the Project Tracker to Excel

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We encourage you to keep all of your processes online and work within Ivy, but there will be cases once in a while where you need to export the Project Tracker to an Excel file. You might need to send it to your receiving house so that they can keep track of all the items being shipped to them. Here's how you can do this:

  1. Navigate to the Project Tracker within your project.

  2. Just above the Project Tracker, select if you'd like the tracker to show product, services, or both.

  3. Filter the Project Tracker if you want it to show only some items but not others (e.g. only items from vendor X, or only items with shipping address X)

  4. Click the blue button with three dots just to the upper right of the Project Tracker (next to the "Edit all Checked" button).

  5. Click "Download as Excel".

  6. When the pop-up window appears, you can choose which columns you'd like to include in the export and which you don't want. This can be handy if you're only needing the export for your receiver's purposes - you can filter out all of the irrelevant columns like markup, selling price, etc.

  7. Click the "Download as Excel" button to continue.

  8. Open the file in Excel to review, and you can send it out to your receiver!

Watch this video for more project tracker tips:

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