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Building out your project and documents using draft products

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Draft project products is a way to build out your project before you create a proposal or invoice, so you can start ideating and planning your project well before the procurement phase.  

Adding products directly to a project

When you have a new or existing project, you'll notice the '+' sign in the project tracker. This gives you the ability to add products directly into the project. To add items, simply click or drag and drop them into the project tracker. 

Alternatively, you can also go to your product library, search for products, select them, and add them into the project by using the "Add to project" option in the menu.

Another great and convenient way to add products is to clip them directly into your projects.  Once you do, these products will be available both in the project itself and in your product library; allowing you to add the clipped product to additional projects.

Once added, draft project products are given a status of "Draft" making it easy for you to distinguish between products in process and draft items.  By default, draft project products are visible in your project tracker, but can be filtered out by using the filter dropdown. 

Updating draft items in the project tracker

Whether your adding draft items into your project through the project tracker or directly through the Ivy clipper, you can use Ivy’s 360° line item views to update their details right in the project tracker. Simply click on the eye icon, and edit all the relevant details, including quantity, purchasing price, etc. 

Building proposals and invoices

Let's take a look at creating a new proposal or invoice.  Once you access an empty proposal/invoice you'll notice you can add items that have already been added as "draft" to your project, known as project products.  You can also select to add products from your library or access your list of services.  

The side panel allows you to quickly add items, simply by dragging and dropping or by clicking to select.  The benefit of the side panel is that it allows you to add all the items into your document in one shot.  Once added, you can then edit the quantity, cost, markup, and any other data you need.  

Another great feature here is the ability to update the client facing name of the product or service.  This ensures your clients aren't going to be shopping you.  You can still see the original product name in the manage view of your document or in the project tracker itself. 

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