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Purchasing Through an Ivy Purchasing Agent
Purchasing Through an Ivy Purchasing Agent

Rules of engagement when purchasing through a purchasing Agent/Buyer

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Ivy's Discovery Network (accessed by clicking the "Discover" icon in the navigation panel) is a great way to connect with purchasing agents/buyers, which in turn can help you increase your revenues.  

Why use a Purchasing Agent/Buyer?

The biggest advantage of buying through a purchasing agent is getting a lower price point on your products. Purchasing agents get better deals with vendors they work with, meaning they can transfer those benefits over to you.  

Rules of Engagement

To ensure that there is a happy and symbiotic relationship between the designer and the purchasing agent/buyer, Ivy recommends you follow the rules below.  That way everyone wins and, most importantly, you make more money on your projects! 

  1. Call the vendor directly to check stock and lead times. This saves both you and the buyer time and frustration, and you are not left wondering when your products will arrive. 

  2. Research your care instructions and retail pricing, the buyer does not have this info on hand and you can easily find it online or when you call the vendor.

  3. Remember to include all the relevant details on your products, including: SKU number, vendor, ship to address (including whether it's residential or commercial), your address, and your phone number.                                                                       Side note - it is important to keep in mind that many vendors will only ship to businesses, not residential, this is not the buyers rule!

  4. Read the fine print on your invoice and check what the lead times are after the order is placed. The invoice will typically tell you when the item will ship, the buyer does not have control over this.

  5. Be sure to include your resale license/certificate along with your order, and don't forget to indicate if you are prepaying sales tax.  This will save everybody time and will reduce any back and forth.

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