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How to Make a Payment to a Vendor on a PO to Place an Order
How to Make a Payment to a Vendor on a PO to Place an Order

Place orders directly from your Ivy account

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Ivy allows you to make a payment (or "payout") to certain verified vendors on a purchase order. You can streamline your process and place the order directly from your Ivy account.

To do this, you would need to:

  • Make sure that the vendor is verified by Ivy.

  • Create a purchase order and click the "Make a Payment" button on the right side of the purchase order (PO) in the Payments section. 

  • You can then set the amount you want to pay, type an email message to be sent to the vendor along with the PO and payment, and then click "Enter Card Info" and input your credit card details. 

Once you submit the payment, the vendor will receive an email with the PO and a notification that you have made a payment to them. They can accept the payment right from the email and then connect their bank account to Ivy in order to receive the payment!

Which vendors are verified? 

You can find a list of Ivy verified vendors here

Currently, we are not adding new payable vendors.

Watch this video to understand how the vendor receives your payment on their end. 

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