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How to Use the Stopwatch to Track Your Time
How to Use the Stopwatch to Track Your Time

Time yourself and log in your hours

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Ivy takes the guess work out of tracking your time with our stopwatch feature. This tool allows you to time yourself as you work on a project and then log that time in the Time Billing section so that you can invoice for it later.
Whenever you start working on a project, click the Ivy clock icon at the top of your screen. You'll then see a pop-up window appear where you can set up this time entry's details and then hit the play button to start the stopwatch. Ivy will start tracking your hours for that project. You'll see the stopwatch running as you work on your project.
When you're finished working on the project or need to take a lunch break, click the stop watch and then click the pause button to pause the stop watch. You can then choose if you want to log the time entry, start the stopwatch where you left off (e.g. when you return from your lunch break), or delete the time entry.

Once you've logged the time, you will be able to view it in the Time Billing section (accessed from the left side menu). Follow the instructions in this article to bill for your time once it's been logged.

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