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How to Delete a Manually Recorded Payment or Retainer / Credit Application
How to Delete a Manually Recorded Payment or Retainer / Credit Application

Delete manually recorded payments (including applications of credits and retainers) on your documents!

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If you or someone on your team manually recorded a payment on a proposal, invoice, or purchase order and now you need to remove it, here's how you can delete it:

When you have the proposal, invoice or purchase order open on the screen, click "see details" in the payment section to the right. This will show you the payments you have recorded against the document. When you scroll your mouse over the payment there will be a trashcan icon. This will allow you to delete that manually recorded payment.

If you delete an applied credit or applied retainer on your document, the credit or retainer will return to the original credit and retainer balance within the project itself.  Please note that you do not have the ability to edit the applied retainer or credits - you only have the ability to delete these applications. 

**Note: you can only delete MANUALLY recorded payments and applications of credits or retainers on your proposals and invoices. You are not able to delete or edit payments you have received online via Ivy (or paid online via Ivy on POs). For online payments made on Ivy, you will not see the edit and delete option.

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