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Tracking Inventory

Use QBO Plus to track your inventory on Ivy

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Ivy does not offer inventory tracking, however, QBO Plus does - and you can take advantage of that if you are a QBO Plus user and have connected it to your Ivy account. 

Here is how - Let's say you create an item, Moroccan Carpet, in Ivy that you hold stock of - let's say, you have 15 Moroccan Carpets. When you add this to an invoice and click on 'save', Ivy will create Moroccan Carpet in QBO as well. However, in QBO it will create the item as a 'Non-Inventory'. This is annoying because you have inventory of it.

You can log into your QBO account and find the item in the Products/Services list and click 'edit'. Then change the type to 'Inventory' and add the quantity you have in stock. Now the next time you put a Moroccan Carpet on an invoice your inventory in QBO will go from 15 to 14. Does this make sense?

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