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Offsetting Transaction Fees to your Client
Offsetting Transaction Fees to your Client
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All payments processed through the Ivy Online Payment Portal will incur a transaction fee, and Ivy gives designers the option to offset these fees to their client.  

To do this, simply click the option to 'Charge Client Transaction Fee' when sending a document for payment. 

If you offset the transaction fee to your client, the additional fee percentage will be shown to your client upon paying through Ivy's online portal, so they know they are paying an additional sum to cover the transaction fee associated with the payment. 

In order for Ivy to ensure that the full amount of the payment is deposited to the designers bank account, the offset fee to the client will be approximately 3.5% for credit card and 1.2% for a bank transfer. 

Here's a video explaining more: 

If you've received an online payment from your client and you want to check to see what the fee was, you can click "See Details" in the Payments section to the right of the proposal or invoice and then once you see the payment record, click on the blue link that says "Credit Card" or "Bank Transfer" and it will show you the fee breakdown. You can also see these transaction fee details and breakdown in Ivy's Projects Payment Report.

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