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Organizing Different Projects for the Same Client
Organizing Different Projects for the Same Client

The best way to organize your Ivy projects

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If you have a client who gives you repeated business, maybe doing work on the same job site at a later time, or maybe they have another property they hire you to work on, what is the best way to organize this in Ivy's Projects infrastructure?

We recommend that If you are working on different job sites for the same client, you should set them up as separate projects. 

If this new work is at the same job site you've already worked on for them in the past, we recommend that you keep it all under the same project. This way if there is money leftover from some work you've done for the client in the past at this job site, you can keep it in their credit balance in the project and use it toward future invoices in the same project. It is easier to track the financials for a client if they are all under one project, but it's best practice to separate job sites into separate projects.

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