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Update Line Items in the Project Tracker
Update Line Items in the Project Tracker

Get all the product & service information regardless of where you are in the project.

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If you need to edit items in the project tracker you can click on the blue eye icon to the left of that item and it will open a pop-up with all of the details for that item. 

You can edit the quantity, purchasing price, scheduling information, assignee, notes and more.

Can I edit multiple items?

Absolutely. Click on the check boxes of the items you would like to edit and press the blue "Edit All Checked" button. 

*Remember that changing an item in a project does not change it in your library. However,  changing the Schedule columns in the tracker automatically updates your Plan section.

Can I update the details of a draft item in my project tracker?

Whether your adding draft items into your project through the project tracker or directly through the Ivy clipper, you can update their details right in the project tracker. 

What if my item is already on a proposal? 

If your line item is already in process (in a proposal, invoice, or PO) you will still be able to update some details in the project tracker, however, you will notice that there may be some locked fields (indicated with a lock icon). The lock icon means that that specific field value is set in the document, for example  the selling price is set on the proposal, and the value can only be changed on the relevant proposal. You can hover over the lock icon to link to the specific doc you need.

What about viewing and updating the line item details from a document?

When viewing a proposal, invoice, or PO, make sure you’re toggled on manage mode, you can then click on the eye icon to the left of every line item and view or edit item information. For example, if you want to get the product’s URL when you’re on the PO.

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