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How to Set a Default Email Message
How to Set a Default Email Message

Set emails for your proposals, invoices, retainer requests, or purchase orders

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You can now set up default email messages for when you send out proposals, invoices, retainer requests or purchase orders. You can do this on two levels:

Account-wide (from the Settings page in your Account settings section) - default email message applies to all New Projects you create in your account going forward.

Project-wide (from the project creation/edit page - i.e. "Edit Project"). These default email messages are sent with all documents you create within this project. 

**Project-set defaults override account defaults, so if you have anything in the project default emails settings it will replace for documents in this project whatever you had saved in the account-set default email messages..

No matter how you set your default emails, you can always customize the email message at the time of sending out the document, if needed.

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