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Reconcile Ivy Transaction Fees on QBO (Video)
Reconcile Ivy Transaction Fees on QBO (Video)

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Payments from Ivy default to your un-deposited funds in your QBO account.  Ivy sends the full payment over as this is indeed what your client has paid. However, the deposit record in your bank account will be less the transaction fee taken out by the processor.  (3% for credit cards and 1.2% for bank transfer) The following will show how to manage this on Quickbooks Online

To reconcile the payment with what you actually see in your bank account on QBO you need to adjust for this while doing a 'Bank Deposit' on QBO. 

The payment from Ivy will come over in full, and show in your un-deposited funds when you click to make the bank deposit. The payment's memo will show you the exact number taken out for the fees. 

At the bottom of the screen you need to add a negative line item associated with merchant fees account for the negative amount of the fee (listed above in the payment's memo) 

Select the payment from your client and along with the additional deposit for the negative merchant fee line and click to save to the correct bank account. 

Now you will be able to match the payment with the deposit amount you see in your bank. 

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