We know that some of you prefer to create estimates outside of Ivy and would like to be able to upload those estimates to the system. We’ve made some changes to allow you to do just that.

Uploading an existing estimate to Ivy is easy. Here’s how it works.

Head to the relevant project and select the Estimates tab. Click the New Estimate button and select Upload. 

Choose the file from your computer and a new window will open where you’ll need to add some additional information. 

Here’s what you’ll need to add:

  • Estimate name
  • Due date (optional)
  • Estimate total

Once you’ve added the required information, you can save the estimate. If it’s ready to go out to your client, click Preview and Share.  

You’ll see a preview of the estimate as it will be seen by your client. Add a subject line and message, then click Send to share the estimate with your client.

Need more help working with estimates on Ivy? Reach out to support at buildersupport@ivy.co.

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