Share the Client Dashboard with your clients to give them a holistic view of their project. 

Your clients can find everything you’ve shared with them on the dashboard, including a handy list of anything that requires them to take action. 

The Client Dashboard makes your work easier by allowing your clients to stay up to date without the hassle. Here’s how you can share it.

Head to the project under the Projects tab. On the top-right corner, click Share Client Dashboard. 

A preview of the dashboard will open with the option at the top to either send the dashboard by email or share it as a link. 

To share the Client Dashboard as an email

Add email details to share the dashboard as an email. Your client’s email address will already be filled in, as will our default subject line and message. You keep the text we provide or write your own. Mark the checkbox if you’d like a copy of the email sent to your email address and click Send.

To share the Client Dashboard as a link

At the top-right of the page where it says, “Share as,” click Link. Link sharing will automatically be turned on. Click Copy Link and share the link with your client.

What will your clients see?

Your clients will arrive at a personalized dashboard where they will see everything you’ve shared with them.

This includes:

  • Overview (a list of anything that requires their attention or action)
  • Estimates
  • Payment requests
  • Change orders
  • Attachments
  • Timeline

Removing access to the Client Dashboard

You can remove access to the Client Dashboard at any time by turning the link sharing off. Simply head to the preview of the dashboard, click Link, and turn off the toggle.

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