1. Accept online payments from clients

Accepting online payments is convenient for you and convenient for your clients. Your clients can pay you with the click of a button and you’ll have money in your account in just 2-3 business days. 

You can start receiving online payments from your clients through Ivy. Simply verify your bank account to get started. 

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2. Create estimates with ready-to-use templates

Ivy’s ready-to-use templates make it easy for you to quickly create an estimate for any type of job. 

Save time by by choosing from 18 ready-to-use templates. You can add multiple templates to a single estimate and customize the quantity of all parts. 

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3. Access all project attachments in one place

Easily access all of your project’s attachments in one place. Within your projects, you’ll notice a new tab next to the “Estimates” tab, called “Attachments.” In the “Attachments” section, you’ll see all attachments related to your project whether you uploaded the attachment to an estimate, change order, payment request or the project itself.

You can search for a particular attachment, download an attachment, or delete an attachment, all from this area of your project. 

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4. Increase estimate accuracy with localized pricing

You’ve always been able to create accurate estimates on Ivy with pricing based on your location. Now, your estimates will be further improved by localized pricing per project. 

What does that mean? Pricing for parts will be based on the zip code entered for each project. So, if your company is located in New Jersey but you’re doing work in California, pricing for parts in your project will be based on California rates.  

To choose or change a project zip code, edit the project then find "Zip Code" under the "General Details" section.

5. Drag and drop categories on any document

You can change the order of categories on any estimate, change order or payment request as long as the document is in draft mode. Simply click the category you want to move and drag it to its new position.

5. Clients approve your change orders with a convenient eSignature

When you send a client a change order, they'll provide an eSignature upon approval. This ensures nothing slips between the cracks. You'll always know your client has looked over and approved the change order.

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