You can access all attachments associated with your project by selecting the “Attachments” tab within that project. 

In the “Attachments” section, you’ll see all attachments related to your project whether you uploaded the attachment to an estimate, change order, payment request or the project itself.

You’ll see the name of the file, the type of file, and what the attachment is connected to in Ivy (estimate, change order, payment request or the project itself). Click on the name of the attachment to edit it.

Search for an attachment

Use the search bar to search by title for an attachment. 

Download an attachment

You can download any of your attachments from this section. Simply hover over a row and the download icon will appear. Click the icon and your attachment will download to your computer. 

Delete an attachment

You can delete attachments from your project. Please note: If you delete an attachment, it will be deleted from Ivy entirely.  

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