Scheduled payments are an easy way to split up your request for payments based on planned project milestones. 

Once your Request for Payment has been created from an approved estimate, you can split up the total based on work completed percentages, or specific milestones. 

Setting up your payment schedule

You can split up a request for payment into multiple scheduled payments by clicking on "Add Scheduled Payment", as seen below. 

For each scheduled payment, you can set the fixed cost or percentage of the total request value. You can then set the payment terms and/or payment due date. 

Once you've set up the payment schedule, you can "Preview & Share" your request with your client. 

Logging payments

Received a payment from your client? You can log a payment directly in the payment schedule by clicking the "..." next to the scheduled payment, selecting "Log payment," and entering the payment details. 

After a scheduled payment has been logged, you can access and share the invoice directly from the “Request for payment.” 

Once a payment has been made, you can track it on the “Payments” tab in the “Request for payment.”

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