Ivy allows you to create professional and branded estimates with out of the box parts and recommended pricing, your own custom line items, or a combination of both.

All estimates shared within Ivy will be emailed to your client/lead, allowing them to view the estimate and approve/decline it directly from their computer, phone, or tablet device. 

For your convenience, you also have the ability to approve or decline estimates. When an estimate has been approved or declined by you, it will appear on your activity stream as, “Estimate approved (by GC).”

Sharing an estimate with your client/lead

Ready to share your estimate with your client/lead? Simply click on the "Preview & Share" button and take a look at what your estimate will look like to your client. 

You can now play around with your client settings making sure you are only sharing the details you need to.  Ensure that the email recipient is correct, and enter the subject and body of the email. Your client will instantly get an email with a link to your estimate.

Once in your estimate, your client/lead can review the details, and approve or decline. You will automatically receive an email as soon as they make any decision.   

Has my client/lead seen my email?

Within your estimate, you'll notice the activity stream on the right-hand side, under the total. This activity stream will  be updated with the estimate details, including when your client opened the email, viewed the estimate, and approved/declined.  

Client viewing options

As you create your estimate, you'll notice that you can see all the details, including your profit breakdown, and the nitty gritty breakdown of the project.  When sharing estimates with your leads, you don't need to give them all this data, in fact, before any contract is signed, it's best to show them only high level details of the estimate. 

While building out your estimate, you have the ability to determine exactly what your client sees directly within the gray "What would you like to show your client?" box below the estimate line item breakdown. 

The two options there include:

  1. Show profit breakdown - this will show the breakdown of fees per category/line item to your client. By default we will never show this information to your client.
  2. Show detailed breakdown - this will determine whether your client will only see the high level categories (default), or the details beneath each category (requires you to turn on the checkbox).

You can determine what your client sees at any point while building the estimate, and you can preview and update these settings by clicking on "Preview and Share".

Editing an estimate

To edit an existing estimate, just head on over to the project from the left-side navigation panel and then select the relevant estimate from the list. 

Estimate shared with client

If you've already shared your estimate with your client/lead, any change you make will be visible to the them.  That means that you don't have to re-share the estimate unless you'd like to send your client/lead a reminder.

Estimate approved or declined

If your estimate has been approved/declined by either you or your client, you will no longer be able to update the estimate information.  However, you will be able to duplicate your estimate into the same project and make any edits you need.

Have any questions? Please contact support at builderssupport@ivy.co 

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