With Ivy you can take your estimates and quickly create templates from them, allowing you to create future estimates in a flash.  

Creating your template

Creating a template takes just a few seconds, simply access any estimate you have, or an estimate you are currently creating.  

Now click on the the "... options" link and select the "Save as template" option. 

Once you select the option, a popup will appear, allowing you to set your template name.  Templates include line items and their prices, but do not include the quantities, meaning they can easily be used in any future projects and updated as needed. 

Creating an estimate from a template

Each estimate can include multiple templates within it.  To create an estimate directly from a template access/create the relevant project, click on the "Create new" dropdown and select "From template".

You can now select the relevant template from your list, and set the default quantity for your project. 

You can also add a template to an existing estimate by clicking on the "Add" dropdown and selecting "Templates". Alternatively, if you already have the parts panel open, just click on the dropdown and select templates.

Editing a template

You can always edit or delete a template by clicking on the "Templates & Parts" option from the left-side navigation menu. 

Once you click the navigation option, you can select the templates tab, and click on the template you'd like to edit. 

Have any questions? Please contact support at builderssupport@ivy.co 

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