With Ivy templates, you can create estimates faster than ever. Choose from our ready-to-use estimates and make tweaks according to your needs, or create your own custom estimates.

Ready-To-Use Templates

You can quickly create an estimate for any job using Ivy’s ready-to-use templates. You can view all 18 templates under “Templates & Parts.” The ready-to-use templates appear under the “System Templates” section. Here you can view the wide selection of ready-to-use templates. You cannot make changes to the templates in this section. You will be able to make changes when you create an estimate from the template.

Create an Estimate Using a Ready-To-Use Template

Choose one of your projects and then select the “Create New” button. Choose “From template.”

A popup will appear where you’ll need to choose a template. You can specify the quantity of each part for your estimate. 

Click “Save” and then you’ll be redirected to your new estimate. Here you can edit the estimate to suit your needs. You can edit the name of the part, quantity, unit of measurement, cost of material, cost of labor, profit, and whether items are taxable or not. 

Make sure to give the new estimate a name and save it when you’re finished.

Make Your Own Custom Templates

You can save any estimate as a template to be used for future jobs — whether you made changes to a ready-to-use template and want to save your work as a new template — or you started creating an estimate from scratch and want to save it as a template to use for future jobs. 

Click "... Options" and select "Save as template." Give your new template a name and then click “Save.” 

Your custom template will save line items and prices, but will not include quantities for each item. This allows you to easily use the template for any job and update it as needed. 

You can view all of your custom made templates under “Templates & Parts.” Your templates appear under the “Custom Templates” section. You can edit your custom templates here.

Create an Estimate from a Template

To create an estimate from a template, choose one of your projects and then select the “Create New” button. Choose “From template.”

Select the relevant template from your list and set the default quantity for all line items.
You can use multiple templates for one estimate. Add a template to an existing estimate by clicking "Add" and selecting "From template."

Alternatively, if you already have the parts panel open, just click on the dropdown and select “Templates.” 

Have any questions? Please contact support at buildersupport@ivy.co 

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