We understand how difficult it can be to run an accrual business.  Never knowing exactly how much cash flow you have, paying taxes before you ever collect payments, and keeping track of your payment milestones can get complicated and confusing.  With Ivy, you can create request for payments at any time after an estimate has been approved.  That means you can easily schedule future payments, and ensure that you get paid on time, without having to juggle open invoices.

Creating a request for payment

You can create a request for payment as soon as an estimate has been approved in your project.  To create a request, access the approved estimate and select the categories/milestones, or specific line items you would like to schedule payment for. 

Payment requests will include all the information from the line items selected from the estimate. You can update the quantities and prices, and make any additional updates you need before sharing the request with your client. 

Line items on payment requests that are in draft or sent status can still be removed. Removing a line item from a payment request will return it to the estimate so you can create a payment request later on.

Have any questions? Please contact support at builderssupport@ivy.co 

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