Ivy gives you the ability to manage both your clients and leads through the clients tab, which can be accessed from the left-side navigation menu. 

Each project you create in Ivy is directly linked to a client, allowing you to manage all client-facing project information in one tool. There are several ways to add clients into Ivy, including directly from a project.

Creating a new client in a project

You can add a new client when creating a project, simply by clicking the “create new client” link.  

Once clicked, simply enter your client/lead details, including their name, email, phone, and address. 

Note: that you can have up to two phone numbers and emails per client. 

Creating and viewing clients/leads from “Clients” page

To access the “Client” page and view all your clients/leads, simply click on the “Clients” option from the Navigation Panel. 

Click on an existing client to edit the details, or click on the “Create New Client” button to add a new client/lead.  You can now enter the relevant client/lead information and link them to future projects.

Have any questions? Please contact support at builderssupport@ivy.co 

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