Ivy Builders allows you to add unlimited users into your account. That means your entire team can join you to start managing your projects. 

Adding team members

To add a team member, access your account settings and click on "Team" on the left-hand side. 

To add a team member, simply click on the "+ Add Team Member" button and fill in  their name and Email address. The email address entered, will be used as their username when they login to Ivy Builders.

Once your team member is added, you will notice that they are added into the list with a "Pending" tag.  This lets your know that an email has been sent to them but they haven't accessed the system just yet. 

Once they open their email and enter the Ivy for the first time, you will no longer see the pending tag, but rather the ability to edit their details. 

Remember, if you change their email address, the new one will be used to log in to Ivy.

Where am I in this list?

You will notice that you are not listed as part of your team, but don't worry, you're definitely the most important one there 😁. To edit your own details go to "Account info" and update your "Personal Details".

What can my team member do in Ivy?

Once a team member accesses they can view everything that you view. Meaning they have the ability to access existing projects, estimates, etc.  They also have the ability to create their own projects and documents. This makes it very easy to share all your information with your team in one easy to access tool. 

Deleting a team member

To remove a team member from your account, please be sure to contact your customer support agent.  You can also change the email to prevent team members from logging in until they are removed. 

Have any questions? Please contact support at builderssupport@ivy.co 

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