Ivy lets you create professional and branded estimates, payments requests, and invoices. To ensure that all your details appear in documents you share with your clients add your logo and details to the "Account Settings".

Accessing account settings

To access your account settings click on the user bar at the top right of your screen. 

Once clicked, you will notice that you can update your avatar (indicated with the #1 in the image above). This is a great way to personalize the Ivy platform for your team, but is not mandatory for your client sharing.  

Now, click on "Account Settings" (indicated with #2 in the image above).

Within your account settings, you can manage your account info, address book, sales tax, and your team members. 

Setting account info

Your account info is used for two different things in Ivy:

  1. To personalize and brand your client facing documents
  2. To identify your metro area and ensure that the out of the box pricing is right for you 

Your company logo

Let's start by adding your logo.  A good clean logo is a great way to ensure that you are noticed and remembered by your leads and clients, it's a great way to leave a lasting impression.

If you have a logo already, simply click on the "Change" button and select the logo from your computer.  

No logo? No worries! Just contact your dedicated customer support person, and let them know. We can get you hooked up with a great logo in no time. 

Company address

Enter your company address, this will be used to allow your leads/clients to mail you payments, or get in touch with you via phone.  

Simply enter your:
Company Name
Phone number
Zip code

Zip code/Metro area

Your zip code is doubly important, not only is it used to customize your documents, but is also used for our recommended out of the box pricing in Ivy.  Ivy supplies you with over  1200 out of the box parts with prices that are calculated specifically for your metro area.  These can of course be overridden with your custom parts and prices.

 Personal details

Your personal details are used to show your name on your client facing documents, and your email is used as your login into Ivy. 

If you change/update your email address, that will be the new username you use to login to Ivy.

Address Book

Your address book can be used to manage constant addresses in your company. For example, if you have a receiving warehouse that you use frequently, you can manage that address directly in Ivy.  The address book and clients section or separate, and the address book should not be used to manage your client addresses. 

Sales Tax

Ivy allows you to create multiple sales tax values that can be used across your projects.  Updating a sales tax will only update the value for any new documents, it will not affect existing documents. 

If you need to delete a sales tax, please contact the customer support team at builderssupport@ivy.co

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