Ivy is a project based solution, meaning that all estimates, payment requests, and change orders (coming soon) need to be created under a project. Additionally, we recommend  and a separate project should be created for each client project. 

Your first project

Ivy comes prebuilt with your first dummy project. This project can and should be used by you and your team to try out Ivy.  You can create your first estimate, and email it to yourself directly in this project.  Make sure you check out all the great functionality, or just create your first real project. 

Note: Ivy's dummy project does not count towards the total number of projects allowed in your account. 

Creating a project

To create a project, go through the following steps:

  1. Click on the “Projects” option in the navigation panel  
  2. In the project menu, click on “Create”

Note: You can also create a new project from the “All Projects” page (accessed in the bottom of the projects nav menu) by clicking on “Create new project” button.

General details

  1.  Fill in the project's general details including:
  2. Project name - this is a required field and should be something descriptive, such as “Kitchen Remodel” or “New Build”
  3. Project code - this is an optional field that allows you to put your own alphanumeric project identifier that will be displayed in the Estimate ID
  4. Project type - allows you to select either “Commercial” or “Residential”

Client details

  1. You can either select an existing client or by clicking the "+ create new client" link.
  2. Once a client is selected the clients details will be used to populate the address. This address indicates the place where the build itself will take place. You can edit the address, email, and phone number on the project itself. 
  3. You can now select to use the same client address as the billing address, or add another address


  1. Upload any attachments to the projects, including plans, contracts, or something similar

More info

  1. Enter your project budget (if relevant)
  2. General notes can be used to set the scope of work for your project
  3. Once you’ve finishing filling out your project details click “Done”

Editing a project

To edit the project, access the project from the navigation menu.  You can then click the pencil icon next to the project name and edit any details. 

Note: Editing any client details will only update the information on any new estimate, request for payment, and change orders (coming soon).

Now what?

Once your project is created you can edit it by clicking on the pencil icon next to the client name adjacent to the project name. 

And now that your project is created (wasn't that easy?) you can start creating your first estimate.

When does a project get "activated"?

A project in Ivy is considered active only after an estimate has been approved.  Once an estimate is approved, you will then be able to access Ivy's additional features, including the ability to convert estimates to request for payments or creating and sharing change orders with clients. 

Have any questions? Please contact support at builderssupport@ivy.co 

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