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Our Pricing Model Explained - UK
Our Pricing Model Explained - UK
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We designed our project-based pricing model to fit the needs of all of our designers from independent, one-person shows to large firms so that you only pay for what you need. Read all about it here. 

A plan for everyone

Ivy’s pricing model is comprised of 3 project-based plans. The plans range from £45 and up per month. The difference in price varies according to the number of projects and support you will receive. This means that the cost of membership will increase according to the number of active projects in your account year over year. 

Let’s break it down. 

Ivy offers three different plans, Basic, Essential, and Unlimited.
The Basic plan is £45/month and includes:

  • Up to 7 projects a year

  • Unlimited users

  • Access to Ivy’s community

  • Free training session

  • Access to basic support

The Essential plan is £75/month and includes:

  • Up to 15 projects a year

  • Unlimited users

  • Access to Ivy’s community

  • Free training session

  • Priority support

The Unlimited plan is £115/month and includes:

  • Unlimited projects per year

  • Unlimited users

  • Access to Ivy’s community

  • Free training session

  • Priority support

  • Free admission to Ivy Academy

The pricing plan is based on the number of activated projects that can be created within a year since signing up or renewing an account (including projects that have been archived during that period). 

You can start with the Basic plan for £45 a month with 7 projects a year, and upgrade according to your needs. For example, if you have over 7 projects this year, your monthly membership subscription will change to the Essential plan for £75/month.

How is a project activated?

A project is “activated” and counted towards your project threshold once you initiate any communication with your client via Ivy, including: 

  • Sending a proposal or retainer to your client

  • Downloading a proposal, retainer, or Room Board as a PDF

  • Sharing your project dashboard with your client

  • Recording a payment on a document

  • Creating an invoice

  • Sharing a room board with a client or publishing it to their dashboard

Once your project is activated, it will be counted in your plan. 

What happens if I archive or close a project?

If you archive your activated project, it will still be counted in that year’s total allotment of projects.

What happens when I renew my membership?

All Ivy memberships are auto-renewed at the end of the annual subscription. Your plan will renew at the same plan on which you completed your last subscription term. For example, if you signed up for the Basic £45/month plan (up to 7 projects), but mid-way through your subscription term, you upgraded to the Essential £75/month plan (up to 15 projects), at time of renewal, you will be auto-renewed to the £75 pricing.  

How can I see which plan I’m currently enrolled in?

You can ALWAYS visit the Account Info tab under “My Account” to understand all of your account details. Here you will be able to see: 

  • What membership plan you are subscribed to

  • Your subscription start and end date

  • How many projects you have used out of your total project amount and how many you have left

  • The cost and number of projects in the next plan

Can I upgrade or downgrade from one plan to another?

You can request to update your plan right from your account. In addition, your account will be automatically upgraded once you exceed the number of activated projects in your plan upon the next billing cycle. For example, if you’re on the Essential plan and you just activated your 16th project you will automatically be moved to the Unlimited plan. The new cost will take effect on your next billing cycle so if you’ve just paid your monthly subscription before the automatic upgrade, you will receive the rest of that billing cycle at the same cost as the old one on us. 

Have more questions about our pricing? Contact our sales team at or write to us at

Don’t see your plan here? Check out your “My Account” settings to view your current plan.

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